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    detoxen Guest

    Question linux question

    Linux have the power of the cell rsx yet? so i can use the ps3 to convert avi or divx files to vob or dvd compatable and be able to burn to dvd.... if so what kind of burners are compatable with linux useing the ps3?

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    Luzifer42 Guest
    Linux for ps3 is not very optimized. It does not use the additional cores of the cell chip by default, and it has no access to the rsx graphic chip. In addition, the ps3 has not much RAM. To conclude, transcoding videos should be done on pcs.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    There is no rsx access with linux on ps3.To convert files or burn disks it would be better to us a PC.

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    hosmy Guest
    however, you can access rsx if you have firmware lower than 2.10

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    kenshin33 Guest
    linux apps are not yet (if they will ever be) optimized for the Cell .. ram is an issue too. any external usb burnner should do the trick I guess.

    and what's exactly the relation between RSX and transcoding video ??

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