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    jaiter Guest

    Question Lego PS3 games help?

    I am having trouble with two games Lego Indiana Jones 2 and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. I did the lego games for the kids and they have been playing Indiana Jones 2. I made a eboot short cut to the xmb and now don't work at all even in Multiman. I

    was reading that you have to erase all data before you make the shadow of the game and install the pkg. I can't find out how to delete the trophy to the game. I think that is all that is stopping me. How do I get all data off to the game to play. With Lego Pirates of the Caribbean I am sure it is at 3.60 but is there anyone that has patched it to work? thanks

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    Natepig Guest
    I had problems getting lego indiana jones 2 to work in any way a while back and never managed it. The way you delete game or save data is at the top of the game catagory in the xmb.

    Lego Pirates is defo 3.60 and to date is unplayable on anything but a legit ofw 3.60 console.

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    jaiter Guest
    Thanks for the come back. They have played Lego Indiana Jones 2 for sometime now I have 3 ps3's one I use for online gaming and update it all the time one for my daughter and one for my son both have the game. My son's ps3 plays it no problem with the eboot short cut in the xmb and multiman.

    My daughter played it in multiman until I put the short cut on and now not at all. I deleted everything I can find about the game but the trophy was thinking that is what is stopping the game from loading but how do you delete trophy's?

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    Natepig Guest
    In the same place as the save data, towards the top of the game section of the xmb. You could try reinstalling multiman on your daughters ps3 to see if that sorts it.

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