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Thread: Learning in-depth ps3 and programming

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    EiKii Guest

    Smile Learning in-depth ps3 and programming

    Hiya ppl!

    Im having some questions to you guys that has more knowledge then me (probably alot) hehe

    the thing is i have started to get a big interest in the ps3scene, and would like to know any suggestions where to start learning i.e basic programming to start with, having some thoughts that c,c++ and c# would be indeed a good start, but what would you devs tell me to start my research?

    And im to interested in-depth knowing the ps3 overall, starting to learn quite alot imo so that will probably go forth nice,

    All answers appreciated, im eager to start learning!

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    sammaz Guest

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    judging your level of coding experience by your question I would have to say... By the time you learned how to make something really cool there will be a ps4. I say that because I have compiled several simple java apps in eclipse and it is complex.

    The people with skills have developed them over years of experience with different languages... they are currently adapting to the new coding stuff and doing it rapidly.

    If I were you I would kick back and let the masters show us what they can do with this new machine they just got control of!!!

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    EiKii Guest
    haha yea that might be true, but you would have to start somewhere right?

    and i'm seeking knowledge to take that step towards it ^^

    well yea for sure i will do and it will be awsome, i am sure they will do it good

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    TheGamerMan1991 Guest
    The best thing to do is grab yourself a c++ compiler and a beginners book on how to program in c++.

    Then once you have a good understanding on how programs work. Grab the PS3 dev kit. (If you can find it) or learn assembly (Best way to interact with the ps3 hardware next to the ps3 dev kit).

    Then learn how to upload the programs you create to the ps3 and there you have it. Hopefully you will make something great.

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