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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] Which LCD for PS3?

    Hey Guys Im really Confused because i wish to connect a PS3 to a LCD Monitor. I know all about HDCP but i dont know which LCD monitor will run it best. I dont care about LCD TV's as i dont have an antenna and i have a nice tv in the lounge. I wish to keep my PS3 in my bedroom. Im thinking about getting the PROVIEW 22inch FV2226W (

    or Possible the samsung 205bw (

    which looks nicer but the Proview has a higher contrast ratio but im not sure which one the PS3 will look the best on. Please Someone help.

    Or if someone has any other Monitors in mind please tell me

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    Well, first of all many people are feeling this animosity towards HDCP, I know I am. It doesn't allow me to use my ps3 on my non-hdcp monitor. It is possible to bypass HDCP, and its been done. However its expensive, more so than even buying a new monitor.

    On the Monitors: There is not usually a better monitor in = price ranges. You just have to know what you're looking for through all the variales. In an LCD monitor your going to want the high contrast ratio, 1080p (Higher Resolution), Viewing angles (depending on how it will be used), pixel count, low response time, etc. Just filter through these variables and figure out things like, rather have viewing angle or resolution and things like that. Make your own decision on what fits you.

    I personally think Samsung makes a good monitor, expensive though. The other monitor will give you more bang for your buck.

    Hope that helps, Good luck.

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    do you have a budget you want to stay within? the BenQ FP241W is a good PS3 monitor. HDMI, 1080p.

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    Samsung 205bw displays 1080p

    It's what I'm using. Got it the day after Thanksgiving for $180 at Staples. bought a hdmi to dvi cable on ebay for $7. popped in Talladega Nights, set resolution to 1080p, looked awesome. Specs are 1600x1050, but it does display 1080p and pops up a little window that says input is not optimum resolution, hit menu button and it goes away. 205bw very highly recommended. My PS3 is in about 30 pieces now. I'm using the Samsung monitor and building a PS3 laptop ala Ben Heckendorn's 360 laptop.

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    I have SAMSUNG SM 960 HD. A 19" TV LCD Monitor. I use ps3 with HDMI to DVI cable. Resolution of 1440 x 900. Best choice for me.

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    I bought this:

    Amazing monitor, use it for ps3 and PC.

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    I use either my 19" V7 LCD monitor via component to VGA connection, or my Evesham 37" LCD HDTV 720p/1080i, Monitor was 110 and HDTV was only 400 :-D

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    I have an LG 42LC2D which is a 42" LCD and that was 1000.

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    Thought I would post it here.... Im thinking of buying a Samsung 225bw monitor which is now only 279 euros but have some questions:

    -how will yellow dog look on it?
    -how do i setup the ps3 video output setting

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    I can buy a Samsung 225bw for 279 euro... is this a good deal? Also, will linux display properly on this screen?

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