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    LBP or Resistance 2?

    Which one should I buy for christmas? LBP or Resistance 2?

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    both LBP is very good inspite the childish look. I wasn't too eager to see it, but I tried it and let me tell you it's wonderful.

    R2 I triyed the beta but it was only online play, didn't like it very much (More of socom like fan) but I'm pretty sur that the story mode is much more atractive. so why not buy theme both and negotiate a price with the sales person

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    If you like FPS games, Resistance 2 is a very very good option. Else, LBP is a very funny game too!

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    LBP, because it makes so much fun to create and design new levels.

    Its a great game!!!

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    If I wery you, I'd rather take LBP, 'cause you can play this game for a very long time, for weeks and months. And R2 is very short..

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