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Thread: LBP and Heavy Rain not loading up, Gaia help?

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    condorstrike Guest
    you're problem is most probably related to having either the wrong zone backup, or the wrong zone update. probably the move update...

    your best bet is to delete the update, and make sure you have the right region... good luck.

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    dustin4u Guest

    Formated, can't see games in Gaia anymore...

    Not very technical, bare with me.

    I had Gaia Manager, and Open Manager installed. Had my games from my external HD showing up in both. I formatted my PS3, and started over. I loaded up Gaia and Open Manager again. None of the games are appearing in my Gaia manager anymore.

    The games are showing up from my external HD in Open Manager...

    So how do i get them back in Gaia?


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    elser1 Guest
    i could only get heavy rain to play from internal ps3 hdd.. i'd suggest you delete your game save data etc.. copy h.r to internal and it should work.. i had the same trouble as you until i did this... i also use pm 2.1I but i don't think that matters.. good luck.+ rep if it works.

    it should ask you if you wanna use oman/1234 or laun/1234 or some thing close to that.maybe i got numbers wrong anyway choose the one to my case it was oman/1234

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    Jes03 Guest
    Heavy Rain works fine from external but from what I heard you have to install it from internal first.

    Copy it to the internal drive, run it so it installs the game then you should be able to run it from external drive.

    I'm running it from external with the move patch and it works fine. But I did install it with the disc first.
    BTW, it sucks with the move controller, use the ds3 and its a lot better.

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    dustin4u Guest
    I took the original Heavy Rain disk, and loaded the 4 gigs to my internal.. plays fine now from the external.

    Thanks for all the help today guys, much appreciated.

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