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Thread: Launching .self files help?

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    chrrox Guest

    Launching .self files help?

    I am sure this has been looked at before but i can't find it there is a folder called psp emu in the flash of the ps3 is there any way to run the .self file contained in there?

    there are also ps1 and ps2 emu folders I have a slim model so there are only files in the ps1 folder.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Zeratul Guest
    My advice (bad English). But i have little experience.

    If you have .self file compiled with SDK, you must make this:

    1 - Load any game to you backup manager folder (LAUN12345/GAMEZ)
    2 - Go to game folder PS3_GAME/USRDIR.
    3 - Remove all files in this folder.
    4 - Move your application files in this empty folder (include .self)
    5 - Rename .self file to EBOOT.BIN
    6 - Load this `game` with backup manager.
    This method real work for any application compiled with SDK.
    Obvious you can pack application in .PKG, but my method work too.

    But when I tried to launch any `emu` self I was have black screen and freezed console.
    Console will freezed and don't want to be turned off by button.

    One idea about PSP emu:

    In 3.15 (I right?) version of firmware Sony add `mini's` support for PS3.
    My idea - get one minis game for PS3 and for PSP and watch how it launch on PS3.
    May be someone with knowledges can try to understand how PS3 rum `minis` PSP apps.

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    normanizsharpe Guest
    well the thing is a mini isn't just a EBOOT.bin it has other things in it. like a game. although if you just tried to play a .self it wouldnt because it doesn't have all the data it needs to be loaded. but hey i'm not sony and im scratching the surface on hacking. so i may be wrong.

    also maybe the fact that a .self isn't the same data in an EBOOT.bin

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    Zeratul Guest
    Any files (.self) compiled by SDK it's EBOOT.BIN file. But files from dev_flash (.self) it's system files and this files cannot be used as EBOOT.BIN.
    If you run ps*emu/*.self files you will get friezed concole.

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