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  1. #11
    thien Guest
    hi all

    why this game random turn off at any time at any where? i've tried rebuild database, anything but the game still turn off randomly

  2. #12
    Adaroz Guest
    I think we're going to have rlod problem my fried ps3 is dying I returned uncharted 3 and it resets too

  3. #13
    need Guest
    Does your Playstation beep randomly while playing ?

  4. #14
    thien Guest
    No. while playing it turn of then beep with red flashing led. maybe i have to downgrade back to 3.55

  5. #15
    need Guest
    Well i once had an Playstation 3 that would beep randomly during play, after upgrading the fans, it didn't do that anymore. And by looking at the list of games. These are all Top-Notch games, graphical-wise. Could really be a heat problem.

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