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Thread: The Last of Us black screen

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    Djmatrix32 Guest

    The Last of Us black screen

    Today I went out and bought a retail copy of The last of us from Wal-Mart. I updated my Ps3(80gb BC) to Rebug 4.41 Lite and when It put in the disc and start the game it just goes to a black screen and nothing shows up. Help!!! Any ideas?

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    niwakun Guest
    wait for it a little longer, probably 10 minutes or longer.

    btw if its in HDD it may take only a few minutes, probably 7minutes? just to load the game and another 5-6 minutes after you begin a new game or load a existing save.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Okies I shall wait... I am loading from the Disk since I bought a legit copy. If I hit the PS home button on the controller nothing happens

    Been an hour and still nothing.

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    niwakun Guest
    Youre one way to find out if it works or not is to dump the game to hdd and see if it completes. If it fails on dumping process, then either you BD Drive or Game Disc is bad.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Dumped it and I tried playing the game from the HDD and it's still sitting at a black screen. Maybe it's the firmware? FFX13 and GTA 4 play just fine from the disk so Idk??

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    Azrial Guest
    According to another thread on here, the older fat models cannot play this game.

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    niwakun Guest
    wow that's strange. try using other CFW, I use rex 4.21.2 and games still works from there. although i dump the game to hdd first and launch the game (since the eboot needs to do its little modification the eboot works on 4.41 so i just resigned it to work on 4.21.2)

    no, hes not getting a RLOD yet, just a black screen. So lets solve the black screen problem first and let him test it if he gets RLOD but I highly suspect that he'll get it anyway.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    I am in the process of downgrading right now to 4.21.2 will I be able to use my game disc or do I have to keep the dump and find a 4.21 eboot fix? I am able to play L.A. Noir and Uncharted 3 just fine so I have no idea what is going on here and I beat Metro Last light 2 days after it came out.

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    niwakun Guest
    ^you'll see what happen soon after you play it, good luck.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Just got back from work downgraded tried it on 3.55 and got and error 80010017 or some crap like that. I noticed that my dump is 30gb while the duplex release is 33.1gb so hmmm. I am going over to a friends house to try my disk on his Ps3 to see if that is the issue (I doubt it but worth a shot).

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