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    luther1 Guest

    Is this a laser problem or something else?

    I have a PS3 40GB model, it will not recognize any disc (Blue Ray, CD, DVD, etc) When the disc is inserted the blue light on the laser comes on and the disc spins a few times. The activity icon is displayed in the upper right. When a DVD is inserted the blue light comes on first, then the red light comes on and the disc spins a few times then stops.

    Is this a laser problem or something else?


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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    if the activity light comes on then yes also i have had come ps3's that the disk when it spins acts like its being throttled like it will spin but the motor does not run a like it should meaing that the motor will come on just for a sec then stop it did this a couple of times replacing the laser made it work again.

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    luther1 Guest
    The laser light comes on. Blue if it is a Blue Ray disc and red if I insert a dvd.

    Could it be the drive board and not the laser. If have seen these parts for sale. I have also saw BD7956FS replacement chips for sale. Could this be the problem as well?


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