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    Largest PS3 hdd that can run on 3.55 FW help?

    I want to update my original hdd and want to go big. Would a 1TB work?

    I saw one in use on youtube but I wasn't sure on the firmware level that was being used.

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    Dec 2009
    I heard that the 1TB one can be a bit big for slim ps3s and that the ones around 700gb would fit a bit easier.

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    I have the big version.

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    It's reported giving troubles, using a 1Tb HDD. Feel free to try

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    Mar 2010
    1TB eco friendlies seem to give trouble, also if it's not 9.5mm you'll have to leave the drive cage out

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    Jan 2011
    i have a Samsung Spinpoint M8 1tb and it works well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepoo View Post
    i have a Samsung Spinpoint M8 1tb and it works well.
    ditto.. not had a problem with mine either

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    Other option is simply to attach the 3.5" SATA drive externally using the satta lead from inside of the cage space and external power supply, works like a treat - as far as I was able to test any available size works.

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    Slim PS3 can fit 12mm drives while Fat ones only 9mm thick drives.

    PS3 can use 1TB Internal HDD while 2TB can be recognized through USB.

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    I have a 1tb hdd in mine and another 1tb external and have no problems at all.

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