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Thread: L.A Noire PS3 FW version question?

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    pauliux963 Guest

    Question L.A Noire PS3 FW version question?

    Is it that the game will be released on 3.60?

    I think that WILL BE because this is PS3 Exclusive. And all exclusives are taked care of SONY.

    Pretty sad This is the coolest game. I hope we will get 3.60 cfw SOON...

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    moja Guest
    Highly possible.

    It's NOT a PS3 exclusive. The 360 version will come on 3 discs.

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    snoekie Guest
    It will probably be FW 3.60, however, it depends on which version of the SDK they used. It might be possible, but unlikely, that they will release it with FW 3.56 or lower. But this is very unlikely.

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    Flock Guest
    Don't want to be rude but what kind of stupid question is that. For 99.99% it will be 3.60, no doubt that and don't be a cry baby, if you want to play the game update your ps3 and buy the orginal.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Well - Portal 2 is also multiplatform and (unless I've missed something) so far it's not working / requiring 3.60 fw to play so I'd expect a majority of coming releases to be protected in the same way.

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    candan Guest
    Not an exclusive game, but it will have an exclusive mission that the xbox won't have. "Consul's Car Traffic Case." Is the name...

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    aamir007 Guest
    This will probably require you to update to 3.60 as Sony will be combating against piracy so they will use the latest SDK and force you to update. This will be the case for all games that released now as Portal 2 was the first to start it all off. But as always there is a very very slim chance it was built with the 3.56 SDK and just spoofed to 3.60 but unlikely, also there might be a fix by the time the game is released or afterwards. Its a shame was really looking forward to play the game too.

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    aideng2011 Guest
    Its not an exclusive game and will most certainly be a 3.60 fw game

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The game will most likely be 3.60.

    The game is also 20GB+ seeing XBOX 360 Disks only hold 10GB and it's a 3 disk set. So by the time I download it, it should be fixed :P

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    fantopoulos Guest
    Unreal some people if you like the game so much go friggin buy it and stop complaining about firmware and i hope they get a 3.60 cfw damn i got 2 ps3 and 3 xboxs 1 jb and 1 for online play and same for xbox games i want to play online like black ops i buy for that reason. that's why i have 2 units so get real these people work so hard give support you cant always get what you want sound familiar !
    go spend 60 bucks and buy it and quit being a leech.

    xbox360 is not 10 gb each disk its 8.5 gb each disk for the xbox360 thought i would correct you HeyManHRU i love ps3 much more than xbox always been a ps3 fan from psx days ps3 rocks it only does pretty much everything i just know xbox is 8.5 gb cause i have it and rarely use it only for exclusives like fable series and first mass effect, halo.

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