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    Kmeaw 3.55 how to backup a DVD/Blu-Ray help?

    I've read numerous guides and followed them to the letter but seem unable to create an ISO backup of any BluRay DVD that I own using Kmeaw CFW 3.55 and Multiman.

    I've placed it in direct disc access mode and despite the process starting it always fails at some point in the process saying read error of sorts.

    Any idea's on what I could be doing wrong?

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    If you are on Kmeaw 3.55 i suggest using GAIA manager, its the best to get a backup copy.

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    I've tried the latest version of GAIA manager and for PS3 discs it works fine - so does multiman - however, not a single DVD Movie or Bluray I tried worked.

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    Go to SETTINGS, press [TRIANGLE] and then "Enable Direct Disc Access". Then create the ISO, transfer to your PC, decrypt and enjoy.

    Reread your post and seen you did that.

    Clean your disc or your blu ray drive.

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    Okay - that process just doesn't work (Direct Disk access - multiman) unless I'm doing something wrong or you need a 3rd party dongle, which I don't have.

    A while back I used to do this using the PS3 SAK utility however now on 3.55 KMEAW I don't see the option for otheros - I've looked into BootOS but not sure if that's for linux only or if it will boot this

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    Sounds like a dirty or bad laser

    Did you try other DVD's and Blu-rays (DVD and Blu-ray's) use different diodes?

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