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    clubsoundz Guest

    Killzone 3 after move intro blackscreen help?

    hello, i copy killzone from disc to internal and try to start it, but after the move intro the screen turns black and freezes.

    I also try on ext. hd. but the same thing happens. please help me...

  2. #2
    Natepig Guest
    What backup manager are you using? If it is not multiman then switch to the latest release of it. Then use the select + x function to launch the game. This may not solve your problem but its a good bet to start with.

  3. #3
    clubsoundz Guest
    i use multiman with the newest update. i never had problems with any games but this game sucks.

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    Tek9 Guest
    Try Rogero 8.1 is how i backed up mine and it works great with no problems still need disc in drive though also launch it with Rogero 8.1 too. hope that helps

  5. #5
    elser1 Guest
    maybe you need modded eboot... what firmware, manager payload etc..

  6. #6
    smackedgnome Guest
    got killzone 3 working on my 3.55 wanin PS3 but i had to do the latest game update 1.04 to get it to work.

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