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Thread: Keyboard mouse support for games help?

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    dragonsan Guest

    Keyboard mouse support for games help?

    Hi. It would be really really helpfull for a lot of ppl out there, that if anyone could write a driver or converter or dunno which could convert the keyboard mouse inputs into sixaxis controller buttons that would be much help.

    Lot of ppl can't get used to sixaxis controller with fps games. Me myself have born with playing fps s with mouse and keyboard and for me, the sixaxis controller is too static, harsh.

    Lot of fps games could be played with them. So if anyone could do this and realese something that would be awesome.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Use this -

    or it'll have to be a firmware modification for the PS3 to remap a keyboard and mouse as a few dualshock buttons. Just not really possible using an application as any homebrew application anyone writes won't be running while the game is, so remapping wont work (as far as I know)

    But I also think you're right, joypads are rubbish for fps games if you've ever gotten used to the kind of speed and accuracy of a mouse.

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