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    [UnAnswered] Keyboard and Mouse

    I have been researching which keyboard and mouse to purchace for use with my PS3 and have come across a curious debate about thier use in FPS. It seems many people who use a controller belive it gives People like myself who desperatly want to use KB and Mouse an unfair advantage. And I get the sense that game developers may agree. Dude thats totaly BS. I Purchased the PS3 because it was suposed to offer everything to everyone. And to avoid the endless upgrading required to PC game.

    The PS3 is the first console I feel that can offer me comperable grafics to the PC. I have played FPS online for years going back to Quake. I think It would be really stupid for developers to ignore the gamers like myself willing to give the PS3 a chance. Bottom line use of KB and mouse does give an advantage, Its also provides far superior control. Just because someone wants to lay back on the couch and use a controller why am I forced to. Hey you dont hear me complaining it"s not fair that at 38 years old I have to compete with someone half my age with much faster reaction times.

    If developers are worried would it not make more sense to simply segregate controler and KB & Mouse users, rather than restrict my preferance. What's most surprising are the responses from console gamers saying, if you wanna use a KB and Mouse go play on your PC. To that I reply, gaming evolves even console gaming. look at the wii. My first console from atari had a joy stick with one red button. I really think Sony would be missing a great oportunity to convert huge numbers of dedicated gamers by restricting the Use of KB and Mouse. Forcing us to use a controller is like forcing us to use a condom, it just dont feel right.

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    Can Sony really stop any developer from doing this? The system already detects existing USB keyboards/mice natively. I think it's just up to each developer to support them. I can't imagine Sony's license agreement saying this is forbidden.

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    they announced that unreal tournamnet 3 will allow players to use keyboard and mouse, or sixaxis.

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    I just bought the Logitech Dinovo Edge

    Expensive but DAMN COOL:

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    I have a basic USB keyboard but a Logitec laser mouse to use with my PS3. So far I haven't used it that much except for linux. But its nice to have hooked up. I cant wait until they implement its use more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by play1962 View Post
    using a keyboard and mouse would give you advantage over those using a controller, as you said it is more accurate.
    I personally would like to be able to use a keyboard and mouse with an FPS on the ps3, the reason I didn't get resistance is because I hate using a controller with a FPS game.
    I have to agree ,ever since ps1 fps i could never get used to the joypad/anologue sticks to move & aim so i avoided playing them. I hope more games will come out that use mouse/keyboard combo. I've seen somewhere about a new controller coming out that has a mouse & a nunchuck (wii) style controller for the ps3 which could be good.

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