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    tonybologna Guest

    Question Keep FTP Access But Remove Internet Access?

    Hey guys! I was wondering the options for keeping FTP access of transferring files but remove internet access to the PS3?

    I went into my router but there are no "attached devices" tab from the left side of the page. Aren't there supposed to be? That's another separate issue I guess.

    Can you go into the PS3 settings somehow and just enable access for FTP? Wouldn't that need to be done from the router instead? I disabled the internet from the PS3 but have no FTP access.

    No way to solve this from the PS3 itself? I want access to the PC via FTP through my router but remove internet access to the PS3 to be clear. Thanks!

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    kunit1 Guest
    As someone else suggest on this forum already, just assign your PC a static IP andress but instead of providing the correct gateway address put something like

    I presonally have a spare router that I am gonna use for ps3 file transfers.

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    tonybologna Guest
    I'm not wanting to use a separate network/router for file transfers. If I do what you're stating then how am I supposed to use the internet on my PC and other devices? Maybe I'm not getting exactly what you're trying to get across. Elaborate more please!

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    kunit1 Guest
    You don't have to do this, but I have an old spare rounter sitting around and I also have my main router.

    I am gonna leave the PS3 connected to this router all the time(the spare one), but since this router has no internet access there is no harm. Whenever I want to transfer stuff from my laptop to the PS3 I will just let the laptop connect to the spare router, transfer the files and then connect back to my main router which actually has internet.

    Again, this is a long way of doing things, but that's just me. The easier solution is to set a static IP to the PS3 with a fake gateway.

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    tonybologna Guest
    That would be my choice but how do I keep internet access to all my other devices on the network?

    I hope I'm understanding you right!

    Found this from another thread:
    Set the gateway in your PS3's network settings to a fake address like That way the PS3 only has access inside of your own network. Covers for MultiMAN would have to be added manually through FTP.
    This isn't quite what I was looking for though. I'm wanting to keep access to things like downloadable homebrew and covers for MultiMAN,etc. but keep away from Sony servers like PSN.

    I have been using the internet to download game updates and covers anyhow but wanted to see if there is a way to still keep access to certain things but block all access to Sony content. May not be possible unless I can config something from my router maybe? Thanks!

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    moja Guest
    The only way to do that will be to painstakingly block your ps3 access from all the sony domains by inputting them into your router. I don't personally trust this route as I don't think there is a clear enough verification on exactly everything the console tries to reach and when. I am just going to assign the ps3 a false gateway and manually download things via pc, then transfer them via usb.

    It's really up to you at this point, as I think all the information currently floating around is just speculation. Unfortunately, the system isn't easy like the 360, where you can just disable Live access in the console and still have internet connection for jtags.

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    tonybologna Guest
    I see what you're saying! I've downloaded stuff to PC and transferred manually anyhow. I've never even used PSN. I did make an account online but never logged into PSN from this console.

    I just wanna play my cards right no matter what. I do use homebrew and wanna make sure I'm staying away from any Sony servers. I think I'll just use a false gateway and do things manually.

    That's not what I really wanna do because there's more work involved but hey it's probably the best option. Thanks!

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    Jawso Guest
    Just change dns to something random, create a custom ip like mine and then keep router ip. "" You should be able to connect to ftp like that with Internet still being intact for everything else on the router except for the ps3.

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    tonybologna Guest
    I really can't do anything as far as blocking domains/IP's from my router right now. I don't have the 'attached devices' tab showing up for some stupid reason. I posted this problem over at Netgear forums.

    What can I do from PC to possibly get things in working order since I can't do anything by logging into my router? Can I use static IP assignment? If so, how do I do this but keep internet access for everything but my PS3 (except FTP & downloadable homebrew content of course)? I used to fool with static IP stuff but it's been a long while & not in this manner either. Thanks!

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    Jawso Guest
    How do you connect to the router wireless or wired?

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