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Thread: Keep FTP Access But Remove Internet Access?

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    tonybologna Guest
    Guys! I don't have an extra ethernet port on the PC. I use a router for all my connected devices. We have DirecTV. We have a 360 and we have a PS3 all connected to the router.

    I went the direct connection between PC & PS2 back a few years ago. We didn't have all these other devices. I used a straight connection. It's not that way now. I have other devices connected for usage on the internet. I'm not pulling the plugs just to have a direct connection to PC. I'd have to go back and forth. Not gonna happen!

    I'm gonna try the methods mentioned a few posts back and see what happens. Thanks guys & I'll report back soon!

    Edit: Well, I tried the method from Jawso below:

    Ip: 192.168.1.XXX (fill in XXX with numbers of your choice)
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Router:
    Primary DNS: XX.XXX.XX.XXX (can be set as anything)
    Secondary DNS: XX.XXX.XX.XXX (same as Primary DNS)
    Didn't work! Connection attempt failed.

    Here's what I used:

    Default Router:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS: same as Primary DNS

    BTW, do I need to enable UPnP and what's the MTU settings? Thanks! I used ipconfig from PC to check the router IP in use. It's so I changed the router IP from the PS3 to match. Still didn't work for my connection.

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    severusx Guest
    You are all over thinking this whole thing. Just go to you PS3 and give it an incorrect gateway address.

    1. Access the Network Settings from the XMB and change your settings from "Automatic" to "Manual".
    2. Assuming that you are on a 192.168.1.X network, give your PS3 a network address of with a subnet mask of
    3. Assign the Gateway as
    4. Assign the DNS Server as

    You can now access your PS3 via FTP from your PC by connecting your FTP client to Your PS3 will be able to access your local network but not the internet and you don't have to do anything special to anything else on your LAN.

    You can't use as an IP address as that is a broadcast address.

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    tonybologna Guest
    I didn't have the darn ethernet cord plugged in. However, I still got a failed message with the internet connection but succeeded with obtaining an IP address. The DNS error message is 80710102. Any ideas?

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    severusx Guest
    Ok, so your Network is 192.168.0.X, do as I listed above but use 192.168.0.x instead of 192.168.1.X.

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    tonybologna Guest
    What about internet access to get cover downloads and homebrew apps? Isn't your method too disallowing total internet access from the PS3? I really would like to keep access for just these type things if possible.

    I'm just wanting to keep away from Sony domains and keep internet access for the rest. Thanks!

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    severusx Guest
    you can't really do that without a more sophisticated router. I'm guessing that you have a basic Netgear router at home, they don't really have client control. I just download the apps I need onto a USB drive and install them.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Well, this particular router doesn't work like our previous router. We could use the attached devices tab and block/set IP ranges from each device. I don't even have an "attached devices" tab on this router here.

    I have posted this problem over at Netgear forums. Shouldn't I at least have a tab for this when logged into the router? It's a combo wired/wireless router(Netgear CG814GCMR). Can't find anything about this with a Google search. I don't expect any help from the forums over there either.

    If I can get it to work by setting/blocking IP ranges/domains from the router then I wouldn't worry about setting thins up from the PS3. Problem is I don't have the tab to work with from the router. What good is the router if you can't control access to the devices attached?

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    severusx Guest
    I honestly haven't seen "Domain Blocking" in any home use router. You really don't need to have internet access on your PS3 if you are worried about it connecting to PSN. I wouldn't try to make it so complicated.

    However, if you still want to try you can lookup what ports (other than 80) that PSN uses and try to block them in the router's firewall (may be called Services).

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    tonybologna Guest
    I know! I'm being too paranoid I guess! Heck, I don't even use PSN and have never had this console connected to PSN either. I guess you say what am I so worried about then?

    I was just wanting direct internet access for the very few things that I can get this way. I use MultiMAN and some homebrew. I like the fact of being able to directly download/update these things over the net and not worry about getting them to PC first.

    Then you have place them onto USB and then install/update from the PS3. It's more aggravating but nothing major I guess. Thanks for your help! I'll report back after testing the FTP route!

    FTP seems to be working okay! I'll just transfer game covers through FTP and my homebrew apps via USB. Thanks for your help guys!

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    daveshooter Guest
    The way I look at it, is you need to block the ps3 talking to your lan full stop. Until you the user installs something that needs a port open, like ftp 21, and your home media server port xxx and maybe a smb port or something.

    I posted a reply in another thread and got a Best Answer (Thank you) on how I do Ftping, that I hope maybe of some help to others here.

    Using that very same way of ftping though a laptop/desktop is you can go one step further and go stealth mode on your home network with your PS3 on line, lan and wan going through that PC sharing its Internet connection by stopping widows firewall and using a good firewall app that will show what is trying to connect to the INTERNET from that ps3, including what ports. Then you can allow what pots you wish to open.

    Truthfully tho its going to be very hard to stop it talking to the net in the end because we will in one way or another slip up and plug something it to it and well who knows, I'm not underestimating the Japanese in any way of what they can do remotely. Even Geo "said I own your ps3" and that includes the one's that have his CFW installed.

    Also a good way to not flag up on the PSN is don't put CFW on it in the 1st place, because you can still put games and apps, on a stock PS3, so if you have a ps3 with a bricked bdvd and you wish to run games on it but don't want to jailbreak it, then you may find this of interest.

    Hope this helps, and sorry if its long winded.

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