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Thread: Keep FTP Access But Remove Internet Access?

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    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jawso View Post
    How do you connect to the router wireless or wired?
    I have a combo deal going on. It's wired but support for my wired desktop & wireless laptop.

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    Jawso Guest
    ok that helps, then I think I have a solution. Go on the ps3 go to the Internet Connection Settings -> Manual -> Wired Connection -> Manual Settings -> Auto-Detect -> Manual ->

    Ip: 192.168.1.XXX (fill in XXX with numbers of your choice)
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Router:
    Primary DNS: XX.XXX.XX.XXX (can be set as anything)
    Secondary DNS: XX.XXX.XX.XXX (same as Primary DNS)

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    tonybologna Guest
    I'll give that a try! I had disabled my internet connection from the PS3. Do I need to turn it back on for this configuration or keep it set to off? Thanks!

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    Jawso Guest
    You should be able to set it up without having the cord in but it shouldn't make a difference, unless you still have it set-up for connection to PSN account.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Okay! I have never connected to PSN on this console period. I'll set it up without cord connected from router to PS3 and then connect it back once done. Thanks!

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    xastey Guest
    What I did was proxy the connection to my server (my stupid att&t modem sucks as a firewall), and on my pc I blocked all ** domains (using nod32).. Works perfect. Plus I get alerts when it try to connect so I could also log what it does if needed

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    jack9s Guest
    This is how I am doing it after reading the forums. I use wireless for internet(via usb wireless adapter) and I have two extra ethernet ports (one is enough). I connected the PS3 directly to my desktop computer using the cable that came with my PS3(I think any ethernet cable should be okay).

    Then I went to Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network Connections(for Windows 7) and right clicked my ethernet connection and checked the status. From that I noted the ip address.

    On the PS3, I did something similar to what Jawso did here except for "Router" I inputted my PC's ip address (not sure if this is necessary) and then for IP I made sure that the first three numbers were the same as my PC's ip address (necessary). For another example:

    Say your PC ip is
    Then PS3 ip is 169.254.1.XXX (any number from 1-255 except 114)

    After this you can transfer like before using Multiman, blackb0x etc. I think this setup allows you to keep your Internet and PS3 FTP separated.

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    oldcrunchy Guest
    what model modem do you have, do you know if you can have an access list on it? Personally to be safe I would give the PS3 a bum Gateway address ok so you can;t download covers but if you use multiman dean packages those anyway so no biggie.

    You'll still be able to ftp with the LAN but the PS3 won't go off to the net. Using bum dns servers relies on the ps3 uses domain names and not ip addressing this may well be the case but I don;t know so use the bum gateway address to be sure.

    if you had a suitable router and you could write access lists is there even a readily available list of Sony IPs? if there is such a thing you could deny access to those IPs

    But really what benefit is there of going online? your going to get ban hammer for Multiplayer some day.

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    Field Guest
    Might not be everyone's ideal method, but for transferring from PC to PS3 - with tools such as the FTP service, I use direct connection from PC to PS3.

    Get the best speeds. Still using the original first PS3FTP app and it works great. Only sometimes the connection dies - but mainly due to certain files.

    If you can, connect PS3 to PC via Lan cable and never have to worry about the PS3 sending info back home. If you want the ip address and info like that I can write a quick tutorial.

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    BackHome Guest
    The best thing is to connect a direct LAN Ethernet cable between the PS3 & your PC. If your PC already has a unused Ethernet port, you are set. (Just connect the PS3 to it) If not, get a LAN card, preferably Gigabit speed, & do that same as above!

    Configure IP addressing & you are done!

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