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Thread: KaKaRoTo's PL3 Does it support BM V1 ?

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    ridicule Guest

    KaKaRoTo's PL3 Does it support BM V1 ?

    just wanted to know does the PL3 by KaKaRoTo's support the original backup manager? everyone knows if you delete BM it deletes your games and its the only manager that works for me to backup discs.. since its the only one that decrypted the eboot.bin files for me.

    also if it does can anyone supply the .hex's?

    i'm using eclips3 which uses any hex i guess ive ran minimus and teensy 2++ hex's and they ran fine.

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    Tek9 Guest
    Ok to roughly answer your question i've tried the Kakaroto's PL3 with BM v1 and it doesn't launch because Kakaroto's PL3 uses syscall 35 and BM v1 uses syscall 36 so it does not work. But Hermes V4 uses syscall 35 and 36 to my understanding, there for i use Gaia Manager along side BM v1.

    I use Hermes v4's payload to run both managers i run BM v1 to run games off internal hdd and i run Gaia Manager to run games off external hdd, as for the hex files not sure but you can do a search on here for Hermes v4 someone (i think Evilsperm) has compiled all of the hex files already for this new payload. hope this helps as i am only a newbie

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