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Thread: Kakaroto PL3 Payload and FTP help?

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    rlorenzo Guest

    Kakaroto PL3 Payload and FTP help?

    Hi folks,

    I've PL3 Kakaroto latest hex on a 3.15 firmware, I solved the permission problem for starting games on OPenManager. Now the problem is FTP Transfer, I tried both OpenManager and Blackbox one, I can access the server, but I can't read/write anything, someone has a solution?

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    zzk2001 Guest
    You may want to look around for a newer compiled Payload v3 for your board, I know when it first came out people where compiling it wrong, So MANY!! Fixes came out.

    Try looking for the newest compile of the newer payload v3 for your board, Or just go to Hermes v4b

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    rlorenzo Guest

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    I cannot use hermes V4... I've 3.15.

    I've the latest compiled payload.

    I solved this problem, new GAIA Manager version fix this issue, you only need to start gaia's FTP Server.

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