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    Just received a PS3, Jailbreak help?

    Hi, I just received a PS3 with a model of CECH-2001B and OFW of 4.46. I was wondering if it is possible downgrade it to Jailbreak it? And which version is it capable of downgrading to if possible?

    I did a jailbreak 3.55 a couple years ago on my regular PS3 (Same Model) before I upgraded, but now I'm out of the loop and want to jailbreak this new one.


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    Unfortunately the only way to downgrade a ps3 on firmware 3.56 or above is using a hardware flasher.

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    Since your PS3 Model is a 2k (anything above such as 3k and 4k) are not downgradable. Yours of course is downgrade to I believe firmware 2.70 if I remember correctly. In order to downgrade you will need a hardware flasher.

    I also recommend installing rebug 4.x lite edition once you've downgraded to 3.55

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