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Thread: Just jailbroke my PS3 help?

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    petergotsole Guest

    Just jailbroke my PS3 help?

    Hello everyone,

    I've done a lot of research and still nothing so i apologize for making a thread someone probably answered but its scattered so i'd rather ask and have all the answers in one thread for the next person who has questions and uses the search button.

    So just had someone jailbreak my PS3 had to drive 50miles.. anyways my CFW is Rogero 4.55 with a spoof he installed (idk which one) 4.60 he said i can play online CEX.

    I have multiman,Toggle Q/A and Showtime. Now i'm lost about FTP, i have filezilla on my PC and now i need a FTP on my PS3 and i heard about Multiman or BLACKBOX? not sure which one is recommended.

    Also i heard about PSNinja to cover my tracks i think but not sure what it really does. What's a Homebrew/ EBOOT what does it do, and all these other terms i should know (i sound like an old man)
    my main intention is to not get console banned (idc about psn i can make a new account) and how to mod online like lobbies (some/most if you dont approve but MW2 and BO is full of hackers)

    sorry if i'm asking a lot of question, you don't have to explain every single detail but if you could paste some tutorials or beginner videos for me that i couldn't find i'd really appreciate it.

    thanks in advance will be checking daily and hope to get a hang of this.

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    misiozol Guest
    You can use FTP in multiman , just start multiman take a note of console IP on left bottom screen type it in filezilla and you are ready to go , eboot is like .exe file in your PC , homebrew is every piece of software that was not made by $ony "home developed"

    if your main intention is save your console from getting banned then don't use online as NO ONE knows ways of $ony but cheating online definitely speeds up the process

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