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Thread: just got ide to usb hard drive 160gb?

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    cossworth Guest

    just got ide to usb hard drive 160gb?

    hi, i already had the hard drive i just needed to buy a enclosure for it. Anyway i need to know on the hard drive do i need to make a games folder then inside that put my GAMEZ folder then my games or have i just to put a GAMEZ folder on the drive as i read somwhere that you have to put a photos folder and games ect or the ps3 wont see the drive so is this the case with a jailbroked one.

    also can i just copy and paste my games on to my hard drive from my pc then plug it in to my ps3 or do i have to do it another way like ftp and do i need to do something diffrent with games over 4gb for on the usb drive.

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    marc2590 Guest
    Make sure its formatted in FAT32 and all you need is a GAMEZ folder with your games inside. you can just connect your hard drive to your pc and copy/paste any game with NO files larger then 4GB. for games that have files larger than 4GB you have to FTP them to your PS3 and then copy them to your external using Open Manager.

    This will automatically split the large files so they can be stored on your external drive. you cannot play games with files over 4GB from your external you must first copy them over to your PS3 with Open Manager in order to play them

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