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    toncee Guest

    Just Dance 2014 black screen help?


    after I load it up, it goes black screen, no matter what is the version (USA or Free) ...

    I tried to remove the update which comes with it, no change ...

    Any suggestions??

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    misiozol Guest
    Buy game will work then

  3. #3
    windrider42 Guest
    Lol at misiozol.. You don't say what version CFW you are on, or what Backup Manager you are using?

  4. #4
    toncee Guest
    Nice one misiozol

    I'm on CFW 4.50 Rogero, using Multiman latest version to load games. Hope it helps.

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    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Insert a original disc and click on bd mirror or try to fix acces premisions the game must work.

  6. #6
    toncee Guest
    I don't have original disc, just two copies I downloaded. USA and EU version. How to fix permisions?

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    misiozol Guest
    And my statement stays , BUY GAME will work then. You have to understand many DL games are crap and will not work, and you hurting development of new ones if you can't afford new one buy second hand one , so person from who you bought it will have $ to buy any other new game , so the cookie crumbles

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    alexmg64 Guest
    toncee.. what jayrider is saying you need an original game on the drive.. any original game.

    you need to be on CFW 4.46 to play this game or you need to find a patch if you are using a lower CFW.

    I hope this help.

  9. #9
    toncee Guest
    misiozol: I have many original games, but for games that my kid just want to try and then maybe play a while, I don't want to spend any money. The games that I like and want to have in my collection, I buy.

    alexmg64: Thanks, I will try it. I'm quite new at this Rogero, Multiman etc. stuff, so any explanation is very helpful.

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