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Thread: just brought psjailbreak orignal, need help?

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    just brought psjailbreak orignal, need help?

    help me, i just got the orgianal psbreak, i'm on 3.50.

    i tried downloading those leaked files, but any way the psjailbreak doesn't even get regonized buy the computer..?!? it says failed to install device, bla bla. and i have no idea how to install drivers? or.. if any way knows what to do hear, please help me out.

    basically a step by step guide for EVERYTHNG!

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    You can't do anything on 3.50 yet except wait for a downgrader or a 3.50 exploit to surface. Everything posted to date (drivers, etc) is for developers who are working on a public downgrader, nothing is at an end-user state yet and is still a WIP so not completed.

    This was answered several times already, so I'm closing this thread now. Short of getting a PS3 with 3.41 or below Firmware that allows JailBreaking just keep watching the site news for downgrader progress updates.

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