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Thread: Just Bought PS3... Some Questions

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    Just Bought PS3... Some Questions

    Hey guys,

    I just bought my brand new 40gb PS3 today! I haven't really been following any of the scene stuff that's been happening though with homebrew or hacking, so I was just kind of curious as to what's been achieved so far and what hasn't. I noticed on a search engine that there are a number of PS3 game rips available for download, but are they actually playable yet?

    I noticed that Linux can be installed onto the PS3, is this the gateway to the kind of stuff I'm looking for, or can things be done without it?

    If anyone can lend me a hand here with their knowledge or point me in the right direction where I can find out more I'd very much appreciate it.

    Feels good to be part of the PS3 community


    - Dave.

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    There is no way to play PS3 back-ups yet (when there is, you will see a massive Forum here titled "PS3 iSO Loader Chat" or a similar name), and everything you can do with Linux is detailed in our PS3 Linux Forum- check the STICKY threads and also the PS3 Downloads section for a few emulators and Linux homebrew that runs on the PS3.

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