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Thread: Juiced 2 Demo

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    Japan Uber Alle Guest

    Juiced 2 Demo

    hey i downloaded the Juiced 2 demo, and it lets you create a character profile and modify the cars, but can you save your profile in the demo??? i mean whats the point of all that modification if you cant save, does anyone know how to save in the demo?

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    B4tm4n Guest
    The point is its a demo, so you can try out the game and its features. If you want to save your profile buy the game when it comes out (has it been released ?). Lots of demos are released with some aspects of the game disabled, like the ability to save.

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    Stonergig Guest
    you wouldnt perhaps have the link would you?
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    If he did, it should be posted in the STICKY thead like the rest.

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