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Thread: Jojo ASB versus online doesn't work help?

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    xKaii Guest

    Post Jojo ASB versus online doesn't work help?

    Hi folks.

    First at all, I'm playing my backup of caravan on rogero 4.46 v1.01. The game works perfectly, even i can connect online and play the campaing mode, but i can't play the versus online mode. I select versus, then online and i get an endless loading screen with Iggy walking しばらくお待ちください (Wait please).

    I wanna know if somebody else is having the same issues or maybe someone knows about a solution for this.

    thanks in advance and excuse my english.

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    niwakun Guest
    it works for me at least, using a Japanese PSN account.

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    xKaii Guest
    I tried it with my japanese account as well, and it didn't work. Are you playing it on the internal HDD or on some usb device?

    btw, which multiman do you have?


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    niwakun Guest
    I lived near Japan (just one coast away) so that why maybe?

    anyway, make sure that you have a working internet connection that is not behind NAT3 connection or at least NAT2 connection with uPNP or DMZ'd PS3 connection.

    I also use latest CFW which is REX 4.46.1

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    xKaii Guest
    Thank you, I'm gonna try REX then.

    Btw, are you using the spoofer or something in order to play online?

    There are specific ports for this game? I opened some ports that i found and it still doesn't work.

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