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Thread: Joining split 4gb files from internal to external hd help?

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    tim132 Guest

    Joining split 4gb files from internal to external hd help?

    Hi there,

    I'm looking at transferring a few games such as Uncharted 2 from my internal hd to my external hd. Obviously during the transfer (using Multiman) it will split the large psarc file.

    Is there a way to join the file back together before using PSARCGui.exe to extract the complete psarc file ready for use on my external drive?

    I've been away from the scene for a while and only just realized games with 4gb+ psarc files can be played using the PSARCGui.exe method, I'm I barking up the right tree using this method to achieve what I want?

    Many Thanks

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    severusx Guest
    I'm not sure if Split4G (included in the MultiMan OP) will rejoin games, but I would check that out. If not, instead of transferring them to your External HD, just open a FTP session on your computer and transfer like that. It will be slower, but will work fine.

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    tim132 Guest

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    Thanks severusx, Split4G didn't seem to have the option to join the files. I did however come across OpenSplit v1.2

    Here's what I've done...

    1.) I transferred the whole game from the ps3 to my external hd using multiman.
    2.) I then transferred the split psarc files to my laptop before joining them back together using OpenSplit.
    3.) I'm just in the process of using psarc.exe to extract the pak22.psarc ready to go back on the external hd.

    All is looking well, think I have it sussed but will report back if I come across any problems.

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