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    Jan 2011

    Join split files without copying from external help?


    is there anyway that I can rejoin the files split with split4g without having access to a external drive either via PS3 or PC.


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    Sep 2010
    Are you trying to copy a split game to the PS3 via FTP instead of on and external device?

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    Apr 2005
    Rejoin where ... ? A bit more info about what are you trying to do would be useful to be able to help.

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    Jan 2011
    I split a copy of GT5 using spilt4g and copied it to my PC but since then my external hdd died I have no way to play this game or others that I have (since it is the manager that rejoins them when copying them from an external)

    So is there a way to rejoin the files on my computer to that I can FTP them so that'll be playable on the PS3?

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    Mar 2011
    Need help too.. I happen to finish dl the LA Noire games and i manage to unrar the files into my Laptop. Now from Laptop I FTP all the files to PS3 Internal HDD but it got 1 files failed to copy and I check the files was sooo Big..

    16.6GB files - I cannot copy from laptop to Internall PS3 HDD .. anyone can help me how to get it done ?

    filename was - cases_1_1.big.ps3

    I thought from Laptop to Internal HDD is working but this games cannot work.

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    Dec 2010
    Read this guide, It shows you how to play games with large files (4GB+) without FTP:


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