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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] Jap Games on Pal Ps3...

    Two Weeks ago i have buyed "Railfan" (Densha de go! saga...) for PS3 Jap version on ebay...Today it's arrived in my hand..and with my enormous surprise it work very great on my pal ps3... it's possible? any Region protection?

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    ps3 games doesn`t have a region protection.

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    Hello, Maybe you don't use hdmi cable, if you use a basic cable you can't play ntsc game.

    Best Regard

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    PS3 games have no region lockout on them, you get and play PS3 games from all three regions on any PS3 out there.

    Blu-Ray movies however DO have this protection, please don't confuse the two.

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    PS3 Square Button

    Quote Originally Posted by ryosnake View Post
    Hello, Maybe you don't use hdmi cable, if you use a basic cable you can't play ntsc game.

    Best Regard
    Only This it's correct! Error 80028F10 are forgeted from all people? This is a mail from Sony at an user with regional protection problems (ps3 jap):
    Thank you for taking the time to write Sony Computer Entertainment
    Japan (SCEJ).

    If you download games from Non-Japanese PLAYSTATION Store,
    some of them may not work on the Japanese model of PLAYSTATION 3.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has implemented a territorial-
    based distribution and support system for its hardware, peripherals,
    and software.

    The Japanese model of PLAYSTATION 3 is designed and manufactured
    FOR SALE AND USE IN JAPAN ONLY. (This is clearly stated on the outer case) On the other hand, the various PlayStation format software titles are designed to run in their respective regions and countries.

    I took this to mean that software titles specifically for ps3 would work on any console

    Since we (SCEJ) do not ship our products internationally under any
    circumstances, we (SCEJ) only verify the combination of hardware and
    software from the same territory. Therefore, we (SCEJ) have information regarding the software downloaded from Japanese PLAYSTATION Store only.

    Please also note that there is no software or accessories to make
    the console compatible with North American or European software.

    Japanese PLAYSTATION 3 system can handle NTSC DVD-Video with
    region code "2" or "ALL", and PlayStation/PlayStation 2 software that
    shows "NTSC/J" or "For Japan Only" marks on the packages.

    Blu-Ray disc also has its region code, and Japanese model can handle
    Blu-Ray movie with region code "A" or "ALL", and PLAYSTATION 3
    software with region code "2" or "ALL".

    Takuo Misaki

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