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Thread: Jailbroken PS3 to backup another PS3 HDD possible?

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    RetardedSonyHDD Guest

    Jailbroken PS3 to backup another PS3 HDD possible?

    Hey all,

    I have been searching a lot and not finding any answer to that question. I know i can make backup of my HDD through FTP-server etc...but that's the HDD that i already have signed to my own PS3.

    Now my friend got his YLOD and no fixes have worked, so i need to find out if it's possible to use my Jailbraked PS3 to read the contents of his hdd/decrypt his HDD and copy the save-games from it somehow?

    I have heard about a way to read the contents in Linux since it's EXT3-partitioned, but have found no guides or info on this.

    Oh and i know all about the retarded signing save-game contents crap which is a very good reason to never run anything but jailbreak on any system designed in such way .. so I know it's signed and can't be copied without formatting.

    And since the HDD is decrypted i figured there must be a way to hook it up to linux and decrypt the save-files somehow.

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    soldier Guest
    i doubt that you could put his hdd in your ps3 as an internal drive because the ps3 will want to format it. you may be able read contents by using a sata/usb dock (i use blacX) that will treat his internal ps3 hdd as an external to your ps3. i'm not positive as to what the result will be but it's worth a try.

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    RetardedSonyHDD Guest
    Hey thanks for answering. Yes i was really looking into making my jailbroken PS3 somehow read the data on his HDD. Be it through SATA, USB or whatever... it must be doable if the encryption is broken - which it is. I can't even express with words what i think about the design choice to sign HDD unique to hardware ID and bundle the saves within it.

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    severusx Guest
    Not possible. Each drive is encrypted using keys that are unique to each console. As soon as you try to boot it up in another console it will want to format it. Sorry.

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