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Thread: Jailbroken with my Nexus One but backups don't work?

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    thekodkod Guest

    Jailbroken with my Nexus One but backups don't work?

    Ok so i've spent the last couple of days trying to Jailbreak my PS3 using my Nexus One. Today i succeeded

    It turns out to be real easy with the psfmod. just loading the img to the android phone and normal jailbreak (power then eject).
    I've installed all the backup manager out there and downloaded Wipeout and GTA tho both of them are not working!

    I try opening them in the backup manager and when i press load the PS just gets back into the home screen.

    Does anyone have any idea what i can do? I've already tried stuff like chaning the SFO files but nothing.
    I have an original game inside the drive.

    help will be much appreciated.


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    aamir007 Guest
    Sounds like your using a PSF Payload that doesn't allow back up manager usage. You'll have to download and use a payload that does allow you to use back up manager.

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    Natepig Guest
    Once you load the game from the backup manager have you pressed x on the disc icon in the "home screen"? You probably have but if not then this might be your problem. The original disc icon in the "home screen" or xmb changes to the game you have loaded in backup manager, then you just start it like you would any other original disc.

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    danielk01 Guest

    keep try

    Don't worry, just try another psfreedom version

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    Brian10122 Guest
    Can someone help me? I've been trying to look for another version of PSJailbreak for ipod touch 1G I've still got openiboot installed and everything but I need a newer version because when I open a game it goes back to the XMB and then it says the game that I already have in (not the game I clicked on)

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    thekodkod Guest
    Hi natepig, i thought you almost gave me the answer

    Once i load the game in the backup manager and click "X" it goes back to the home screen If i choose the original game inside the CD it will just start it and not the game i've loaded in the backup manager..

    If i try this without an Original game inside it just goes back to the home screen after i press "X" and i got no new option..
    any ideas?

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    thekodkod Guest
    Ok so i've installed Rogero manager v7.0 and now it all works good.

    Tested on Monopoly, GTA, Wipeout.
    I have another problem now
    I have a Segate 1TB and a Verbiant 1TB external HD's.
    I formatted both (FAT32 Quick format) created a GAMEZ dir and uploaded some games, unfortunately Rogero will not recognize them..

    Anyone have any ideas? or maybe they are just not supported?


    maybe its worth saying that both external HDDs have their own power sources

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    aamir007 Guest
    Its got nothing to do with it being externally powered. I presume Rogero Manager has a different default directory where you have to place the games instead of GAMEZ.

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