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Thread: Jailbreak Slim vs Fat?

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    phancao Guest

    Jailbreak Slim vs Fat?

    I have 2 PS3 (1 slim and 1 fat) and I'm thinking about jailbreaking one of them.

    Any advice on which one of the 2 the jailbreak and the reason for picking that one over the other?

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    shabutie78 Guest
    it really comes down to this; if you had to give up either running homebrew or online gaming, which would you rather lose? the one that is most important to you should be the slim, since they've never gotten the YLOD.

    other than that, they really are the same exact thing except, as you should know, on the slim there is no main power switch, and so you have to pull the plug out from your ps3 slim to jailbreak, making it a tiny bit more complicated.

    but it's really not something i'd consider to even be a 'con.'

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    dragonsan Guest
    I'd rather say, use your fat for homebrew, because if it comes to it, you can downgrade the firmware and use other os again.

    or if you play more backed up games then id say use the fat one, better cooling in my oponion

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    bitsbubba Guest
    fat all the way backup manager being work on for PS1 PS2 games on HDD, yes OTHEROS, Custom FW's to link it all.

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    dragonsan Guest
    its not 100% sure that the fat is ps1/ps2 compatible. if someone will ever make a ps2 emulator for the noncompatible ps3 s, im sure that both fat and slim will be able to play them.

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