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    Jailbreak PS3 4.40 questions help?


    For mistake i upgraded my ps3 from 3.55 CFW to 4.40 OFW... I would like to know if it is possible to jailbreak already this ofw version.. and if yes, how?

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    Apr 2005
    Not possible at this time, covered several times here if you search. You can look into downgrading it (depending on the model number) with a hardware flasher or trade it in for a used (older) PS3 system that can be jailbroken already.

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    i've a ps3 dongle... can i do something? where have you seen i can downgrade it with a flasher? tell me please, i'm sort of in panic

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    Apr 2005
    You need to search, here is one of many threads confirming this though:

    As for your PS3 dongle, it's usless... only a money-making gimmick from Paul Owen and Max Louarn perpetrated by Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA).

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