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Thread: Jailbreak PS3 3.50 firmware?

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    caca213 Guest

    Jailbreak PS3 3.50 firmware?

    i bought the jailbreak, but i come to find out my little boy updated it to 3.50. i was wondering if i can downgrade by reformatting my ps3 to factory settings, and also, if i cant be downgraded then why is the firmware offered in the download section?

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    funkyphantom Guest
    As far as i know. The only version of firmware that can be jailbroken is 3.41.

    this might help you mate:

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    aamir007 Guest
    No, currently there is no method to downgrade to 3.41 (which is the only firmware the JB works on). I doubt there will be any methods to downgrade in the future so sorry but your stuck, time will tell all.

    There is firmware in the downloads section for those who wish to upgrade and wish to download it from here instead of the Sony Server or Site.

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