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    Gauss Guest

    Jailbreak Overload! Which one to get?

    Hello ye mighty geeks, I'm pretty new to the PS3 scene and have just recently stumbled upon this internet gem.

    I, too, like to jailbreak my PS3 but there are so many possibilities I can't choose the most futureproof.

    Especially with $ony going all bat shit and even trying to shut down the community projects I don't think any "official" jailbreak would be the best choice though there are some pretty cheap ones out there.

    I guess it was best to try some community project after all. Problem now is the USB controller. As far as I can tell all the compatible crontrollers are out of stock so it doesn't really matter which one I'd order but it seems there are at least two different types 16MHz and 8MHz.

    Does it make any difference regarding the jailbreak so I should choose one over the other?

    I'm pretty lost because I don't have enough technical insight... Really hope you folks can clear that up for me so I can order as soon as possible.

    Best regards

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I've the PS3Break, there are updates on the Homepage, and they're working for the future.

    I had no problems with the stick, everything works great !

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    Gauss Guest
    Sounds nice, thanks for ther answer, but in case $ony really shuts down those sites is it possible to flash them with the community projects?

    That was totally rad!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yep, you can upgrade it with hex data.

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    mikerock98 Guest
    If your looking at price for a method of jailbreaking... I think the Teensy boards are the cheapest method of jailbreaking other than making your own board.

    Personally i'd just buy a teensy ++ because of its 128 flash... i'd probably bet no other psbreak or any dongle is using a flash that big...

    i think you really need to research which chip the company is using to make your decision... and i'd buy one with at least a 64 flash.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Just get an PS3 Break or an PS3 Key, they looks good, comes with an package for itself and costs not more than 35$. No experiments with other boards - easy and simple.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I recommend the TI-84. $38 with free shipping on ebay from a reputable seller! I've bout 5 of these from this very seller.


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    gerberman Guest
    I used a Ipod mini 2nd gen and it works great.

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    kamenrider Guest
    I would look at what kit you have at home. I bought the minimus usb avr and jailbroke my ps3. A week later they released the a jailbreak for the ipod mini. My mini was lying in a drawer gathering dust! So i didn't really need the minimus usb avr.

    You got an android phone lying around or old ipod?

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    brab Guest
    If you want a minimalistic approach and no hassle get PS3Key ie.
    I am a visual freak... want things to be neat.

    I just ordered one today, so far I have been using Ti-84 Plus for JB it, but I got tired of connecting the calculator each time I wanna play, running the program, etc.

    PS3Key is small enough not to have to take it out, so it can be in ur console all the time.

    Just to get the X3Switch and I am set!

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