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Thread: Jailbreak Overload! Which one to get?

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    is the ps3break chip based off of anything? Is it similar to the teensy for instance? what are the odds of community created upgrades if the website goes down for good?

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    aamir007 Guest
    The best option is a dev board as they are most supported and have updates regurlarly (whenever a new payload is released), while on the other hand the USBs are only updated when the developers actually port it to their device which could take a while and their site is most likely to be shutdown by Sony.

    There is a list of them >>

    They are mainly cheaper too.

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    Gauss Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mikerock98 View Post
    If your looking at price for a method of jailbreaking... I think the Teensy boards are the cheapest method of jailbreaking other than making your own board.

    Personally i'd just buy a teensy ++ because of its 128 flash... i'd probably bet no other psbreak or any dongle is using a flash that big...

    i think you really need to research which chip the company is using to make your decision... and i'd buy one with at least a 64 flash.
    It's less a matter of price but value. I don't have any idea how big the flash or how fast the clock speed is supposed to be less so what those nifty devs will do next. It should just work :>
    Looking at the Teensy++ boards they need at least two month to restock...
    I do understand though it's not bad to have more room to play with.

    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    I recommend the TI-84. $38 with free shipping on ebay from a reputable seller! I've bout 5 of these from this very seller.
    Nice. Didn't consider that.
    Could you tell me the benefits over the other methods, please

    Quote Originally Posted by kamenrider View Post
    I would look at what kit you have at home. I bought the minimus usb avr and jailbroke my ps3. A week later they released the a jailbreak for the ipod mini. My mini was lying in a drawer gathering dust! So i didn't really need the minimus usb avr.

    You got an android phone lying around or old ipod?
    Unfortunately I have neither of the platforms they ported the jailbreaks to but the PSP and that got scrapped

    Quote Originally Posted by Fr33m4n View Post
    is the ps3break chip based off of anything? Is it similar to the teensy for instance? what are the odds of community created upgrades if the website goes down for good?

    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    Yep, you can upgrade it with hex data.
    As things are now and if the above statement holds thruth it seems the most simple way would to buy a PSBreak or the like and flash it with groove or freedom if things go haywire.

    You see I might be a sissy here but I dont want to buy more paperweights than necessary

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    cSharpShooter Guest
    I'll stay away from PS3 Break if I were you. There lots of people that was screwed by this company. They sent the device with a PIC chip (not upgradeable) and they advertised it as fully upgradeable. Then they now have something on their website claiming their first version as a fake one. LOL!

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    aamir007 Guest
    The best bet is to stay away from all of these clones because they're not as easily upgradeable as the dev boards which are supported more and are cheaper.

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