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    Jailbreak my PS3 help?

    Hello all, i need some help, i have a Ps3 and i would like to Jailbreak it but i have some questions.
    I searched for a while and i found in this post how can i unlock my Ps3 with the OFW 3.55 max, but i found some some posts that say now is easy to downgrade some OFW, is this true?

    First the topic i am talking about:

    as i see it looks very easy but maybe is outdated? I mean now there are new CFW right? Like these 2?


    For my first step i have some questions:

    - Can i play new games? I read that some games came with ENCRYPTED with 3.60 keys, we can avoid this now?

    - Can we do downgrades from new OFW? I couldn't find a list or something.

    For now i have those 2 questions, then if i saw well is just unlock and instal the program "backup manager" and we can pass the games to our Ps3 Disk with an Ftp program.

    Well the help i need for now is this, thanks in advance And btw good tutorials you have here in the forum

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    Have you bother even to look here:

    its on top of page

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    Thanks Misiozol for you reply, i saw that, as i saw in another site it is possible to downgrade from the OFW 4.5 (the one i have) to OFW 3.55 is this true?

    So tell me please can i believe in this information?

    Sorry for the double post but i can't find any Edit Button, so my question is that i found some sites saying we can downgrade from 4.50 without a flasher, and i found some comments saying this is fake.

    So mine 4.50 is to forget right?


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    Fake , fake , fake

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