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    Issues with BM folder on PS3?

    I tried deleting a game via ftp from my LAUN12345/GAMEZ folder and somehow my whole GAMEZ folder ended up being removed. So I tried to reinstall BM and to get the GAMEZ folder back on my PS3 but no matter what version of BM I tried the GAMEZ folder would not reappear

    Then I deleted LAUN12345 altogether from my ps3 (via ftp) and all copies of BM from my XMB. Now I can't get LAUN12345 to reappear in dev_hdd0 when browsing via ftp. I've installed different BMs from the original, v2, open etc.. none seem to work.

    What can I do get my LAUN12345/GAMEZ folders to reappear?

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    Try removing backup manager through XMB (triangle to bring up menu, then delete). Then reinstall it. If that doesn't work, you can try creating the directory via FTP.

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    i had a similar issue with filezilla, turned off cache directories & problem solved. May work for you as well.

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