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Thread: issue after jailbreak 3.55 help?

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    xrta Guest

    issue after jailbreak 3.55 help?

    hey guys... i've PS3 FAT 40Gb firmware 3.55 NTSC-J the S/N is CECHH06. after jailbreaking using Geohot Rogero 7.9A i can get into the program and do everything like changing setting and copying games into HDD but when i want to play I CAN'T get into the game and instead of playing, it will go back to the main screen of ps3 and shows the menu... even i tried changing the settings so many times and theres nothing wrong with the HDD folder game.

    please if you have anyway let me know... btw i tried to install other versions of rogero or snes9x or Comgenie but they don't install on my ps3...

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    Realee Guest
    Geohot's "CFW" doesn't support the payload needed to use the backups. You will be able to copy them etc.. but not run them.

    Look into Kmeaw or Waninkoko's CFW (search the forums) and you'll be in business.

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