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    [UnAnswered] IRC chat?

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    I was looking for a section to post this but I could not find any, so I do here.

    Earlier I tried to join #ps3news on efnet but was kicked by the channel bot banning my entire isp. Is there a possibility to join irc?

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    If your IP/host is bot-banned you will have to connect using another. All of the bot bans are permanent unfortunately... also clients like chatzilla are bot-banned due to past abuse too.

    The best suggestion I have is to set up a BNC and join that way, however, you aren't missing much as most people just idle in the public channel.

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    if i use mIRC can i login to your channel?....what is the channel#?

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    Yes, MIRC is what I use as a client to connect. The channel is #ps3news on any EFnet server. Bring something to read, it's quite a morgue there.

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    thanks yea i know what to expect in IRC chats... does your channel have any funny bots?

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    They are ***** bots for the most part... they love booting flooders, etc. However, there are some custom scripts on them for when things get super boring... nothing too fancy, just like "How many days does X user have left until they are dead" type stuff.

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    No fun to reconfigure my psy now and will stay on my own network
    Will post my questions in a topic around here instead Thanks anyways.

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    IRC Banned

    Hey everyone I just login to the Irc chat room and it reakon's i am banned!!!

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    You need to use a different client (MIRC.com, for example) to connect... chatzilla is BOT-banned.

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    Is XChat allowed?


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