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    Apr 2005
    I don't believe so, but the IRC channel is Invite-Only at the moment so not really open.

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    it was open just about a week back right ?? i used to be there... why sudden change of invite only ??

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    Apr 2005
    Mainly because the PS3 Devs have their own private rooms, and nobody ever talked in the public channel... so myself and CJPC stopped idling there as well. In short, lack of use.

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    hehe lol guess so most ppl were idling there anyways....

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    ok... that's just too bad, because I've been trying to talk to you guys for a while now over IRC, I /msg'ed CJPC but no answer...

    My personal opinion is that having a public channel is very important, because even if you're idling 99% of the time, there's still that 1% where it has some use.. in any case, it doesn't cost anything to have that channel up, right ?

    Also, it allows users to talk to you guys in case there is a need at some point, and if you're online at the same time, it can be pretty useful (much better than forums). So I would suggest you re-open the channel, I hope you do!


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