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Thread: Ipod Touch 1G Jailbreak not working anymore help?

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    pegasus19 Guest

    Ipod Touch 1G Jailbreak not working anymore help?

    Hopefully somebody can direct me or help me out with this issue:

    I already had the PSFreedom jailbreak working perfectly on my Ipod Touch 1G, I was able to install PKG and all. Until, I upgraded the 2 files from PSPfreedom located under private/var, the android.img.gz and the zimage files, the jailbreak wont get passed the first sequence, reading "Multi-touch calibration data installed". In other words, I don't get to see the penguin to turn on the console and followed by the power button and eject.

    I already tried reinstalling the ipod firmware and reinstalling the jailbreak but it wont work anymore.

    Any suggestions,


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    bertieuk Guest
    Do you have the file permissions set right? They need to be 777 if my memory is correct.

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    pegasus19 Guest

    Red Face

    yes I do, both files are set to 777

    Is weird, because the only thing I did was to replace those two files, and then when it didn't work I put the old ones back into that directory and tried again and nothing happen. I re-installed the firmware 3.1.2 with blackrain and I followed the same tutorial that I followed before, when I had it working.

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    Drnaud Guest
    You need to use redn0w for jailbreak iphone after that install openiboot 0.1.1 and copy psfreedom on /private/var/ with chmod 777 on it that it!!

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    pegasus19 Guest
    I'm not using iphone, I'm actually using ipod touch 1g, is it compatible with redsnow?

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    gananino Guest

    Me too

    Hey man I have the same problem as you do I only tried to replace zimage and android image and somehow I messed up my ipod touch 1g and now it doesn't work, I tried to restore and jailbreak I did again and still no change.

    I need help, I'll try to figure out a way if you find one please let me now. I'ts like openiboot doesn't work I get a blurry openiboot screen at the end of my console I think the problem is with that and not with the payloads.

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