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    iPod Touch 1G Jailbreak.. Backup Manager?

    Can someone help me? I've been trying to look for another version of PSJailbreak for ipod touch 1G I've still got openiboot installed and everything but I need a newer version because when I open a game it goes back to the XMB and then it says the game that I already have in (not the game I clicked on)

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    Feb 2010
    Did you have games working before this problem game? What is the game that dosen't work?

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    Sep 2006
    hey, look in this site i have hermes v4b and pl3 on my ipod nano 1g its called rockbox i think.. just hit the search button and you'll find it man, thats what i did.

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    ye like lilwil says i have hermes v4b install with rockbox (easy install) working with my ps3 which blu-ray laser is F**ked . so able to play back ups with out a disc in tray. there are lots of back up manager . which ever one makes you feel easier to use

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    I'm currently using PL3 with my ipod touch 1g. Just FTP into your ipod and copy over the 2 files. I'm also using Gaia manager to copy and boot my games. So far everything seems to be working fine.

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