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Thread: Ipod Nano 1g help?

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    Colnechris Guest

    Ipod Nano 1g help?

    Hi there.

    been using the Nano 1g for a while to JB my ps3 and been having little to no problems with it.

    Noticed there's been quite a bit going on and i am a little lost with it all now.

    Last thing I got to do with payloads and hex etc was hermes v4 so I was wondering what if anything has changed or appeared in terms of spoofs, payloads and the rest.

    I will have a look myself but when you havn't been on for a while you can get a little confused and lost.

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    Natepig Guest
    There have been lots of newer payloads released, but most of them are useful to developers who are analyzing the ps3. If you are just playing games and have no use for downgrading, just stick where your at now till something attractive to you gets released.

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