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    iphone 3G with an jailbreaked 3.1.3 ios for ps3?

    So what the title says an iphone 3G with an jailbreak but what do i need to jailbreak the ps3? iphonelinux or iopenboot??

    i am a totaly noob with the iphone got is 2 days.

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    You need openiboot that can be installed via iphoroid and then you need to get the psfreedom files and put them in the right directory in the iphone basicly. There are tutorials out there you just have to look for one.

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    Also, you might want to downgrade to 3.1.2 and jailbreak with Blackra1n. I had 3.1.1 and OpenIBoot wouldn't install, so you might have trouble with 3.1.3 as well due to the added security.

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