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    Dannyr Guest

    Invalid MSWINSCK.OCX

    When i launch to .exe file i get a error basically saying MSWINSCK.OCX is missing or invalid, and it isn't missing, i see it

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    IanJ Guest
    Launch what file? Try good old google

  3. #3
    Dannyr Guest
    When i launch the PS3 Proxy it says i need the MSWINSCK.OCX which i have but everyone that i have found it has said it is invalid

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    aldostools Guest
    MSWINSCK.OCX is the ActiveX component for winsock (tcp/ip). Use google to download it, copy it to c:\windows\system32, then double click on the OCX, in the Open With dialog press Browse button and select RegSvr32.exe to register it.

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    dodgydan2001 Guest
    for missing windows files and .dlls i often simply google the dll name or file name followed by the word download, and it shouldnt take you more than 5 minutes to find what youre looking for.

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