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Thread: Intrepid ? Linux partition size ?

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    remar2 Guest

    Question Intrepid ? Linux partition size ?

    Hi everybody, i'm asking me these questions : Can intrepid be installed on ps3 with kboot ?

    Can we, from anyway, set the linux partition larger than ten giga ? and make one for / and an other for /home ? does gparted work ?

    Thanks for your answers

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    SiliconKnight Guest
    I have the same question (regrading the 10GB limit), I've read some posts/readme's which state you can get a bigger drive but I dont quite understand how that helps? If i get (say 200GB) wont it still just make a 10GB limit?

    Can someone validate, I can post links to where I saw that but It dosnt sit right with me. As for anyone who suggests gparted or another file partitioning tool, since the native PS3 partition isnt known, you can "repartition" it.

    - SK

    EDIT: ... since the native PS3 partition isnt known, you CANT "repartition" it.

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